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System Group posts revenues of 530 million euros

System Group of Fiorano Modenese is continuing its unstoppable growth. Following increases of +15% and +18% in the two-year period 2015-2016, the group led by chairman Franco Stefani is expected to close 2017 with 23% growth in consolidated revenues to 530 million euros (this was net of the sale of a 60% share in System Logistics to the German company Krones in June 2016).

All the group’s divisions registered double-digit growth supported by major industrial investments, including the Logistics division (150 million euros, +20%) and Modula (automatic high bay warehouses) which produced more than 1850 warehouses in 2017 (compared to 200 in 2008) and is expecting to reach a turnover of 110 million euros. In 2018 Modula will build a third 8,000 sq.m production facility at the site in Salvaterra di Casalgrande (Reggio Emilia) and a new 17,700 sq.m plant in Suzhou, China.

Laminam, the first Italian company to operate in the large ceramic tile and panel segment, also saw an excellent performance with a projected turnover in excess of 80 million euros (around 20 million euros more than in 2016). Factors contributing to this excellent result include the start-up of the factory opened in March in Russia and the introduction of new 1620×3240 mm surfaces in thicknesses of 12 mm and  20 mm produced at the Borgotaro factory which have enabled the company to enter the furniture countertop segment. This business area has also been backed by a major nationwide television advertising campaign in Italy.

Presenting the results of the Ceramics division, the group’s core business, Franco Stefani confirm the uniform growth of all lines of machinery, from the Lamina plants for the production of ceramic panels and slabs to digital technology and end-of-line automation, segments in which System maintains its market leadership and its status as a process innovator increasingly focused on Digital Transformation. With a supply rate of around one plant per month, a total of 40 of the group’s lines are now in operation all over the world using Lamina technology to produce large surfaces, many of them with the innovative LAMGEA mouldless press. In this segment pioneered by Franco Stefani in 2000, the System group enjoys a totally dominant position in Asian markets. One of the latest plants to be supplied was the one started up in December for New Pearl Ceramics, China’s largest ceramic tile producer.

Creadigit digital decoration systems also performed very strongly, boosted by sharp growth in demand in particular for versions for decorating large-size tiles and panels, more than 100 of which have been sold. Automated end-of-line systems (sorting, packaging and palletisation systems) continue to be in strong demand, with the Multigecko system standing out in particular for its ever closer integration of automation technologies and ICT.

Commenting on the state of the various world markets, Stefani noted that System technologies are particularly popular in China due to their high quality and use of process solutions based on smart manufacturing principles, despite a significantly higher price tag compared to locally manufactured technologies.

With an international presence in 25 countries and 40 subsidiaries worldwide, System Group has an export share of 85% and a global workforce of more than 2,040 employees, including 70 who were hired in 2017, mainly in the Italian facilities. 

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