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Franco Stefani wins the EY Award for Digital Transformation

The Italian entrepreneur chosen as a symbol of digital transformation is Franco Stefani, President of the System Group.

The President of the System Group, world leader in industrial automations of innovative process, has received the Ernst & Young “Entrepreneur of the Year 2017” Award for the Digital Transformation category. The ceremony was held on the evening of  Thursday 9 November in Palazzo Mezzanotte in Milan,during which Italian business excellence was celebrated.

Franco Stefani has proclaimed winner in the Digital Transformation category, one of the most important, not only with regards to Italian manufacturing, but for the entire international scenario, due to the importance that the new concept of the digital factory has assumed in recent years. 

The award was assigned to Franco Stefani for his role as protagonist in the creation of Smart Manufacturing;  for being recognized as a world leader in the industrial digital field, through a new concept of the factory, in which cutting edge solutions are implemented to create a flexible, connected and global factory, with the human-machine interaction at its center; for having created an international corporate group, setting up important partnerships and synergies that make it possible to tackle the constant challenges of the market.  

The 2017 winners were selected by a jury chaired by Gianni Mion and composed of leading figures in economic, institutional and academic fields.

Winning the Digital Transformation category– commented Franco Stefani – means being the pioneers of a new industrial and cultural concept. For us, digital transformation had already begun in the 1980s and related both to our own production sites and to the innovative solutions that we offer to the world market. Our production sites are an example of manufacturing excellence and are viewed as models on a world scale. Our business is one of the leading operators at an international level in industrial process automation and this is thanks to our ability to find radical original solutions, our capacity to work as a team, the desire to succeed and our readiness to change. We are the process innovators”, Mr Stefani continued.

I dedicate this EY Award, in particular, to my family and to the time that I have not been able to dedicate to them as a result of this marvelous industrial adventure, which has been going on now for more than 45 years; it has completely absorbed me, and I dedicate these prestigious acknowledgements to my wife, my daughters and my grandchildren”, Stefani concluded.

The EY “Entrepreneur of the Year 2017”Award has reached its 21th edition in Italy. It was created in the United States more than 30 years ago with the aim of celebrating those entrepreneurs that, with talentand perseverance, have succeeded in achieving and maintaining growth in their business, contributing to the social-economic development of the country. 

The System Group, an Italian company with more than 45 years of history, is a business model of success which has known how to conquer new territories and create innovative process and product solutions that are unique in the world, thanks to the pioneering and far-sighted character of Franco Stefani,who on 9 November was awarded as a symbolic Italian entrepreneur of digital transformation, in other words, of present and future Italian manufacturing.

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